Remote attendance,
designed for Zoom

Automatically track student attendance on Zoom across your entire school, college or university.

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AttendanceKit for Zoom dashboard view with student data

Attendance has never been more important. Track it automatically.

With COVID-19 and remote classrooms, teachers and administrators are adapting. Schools, colleges and universities are unable to capture attendance at scale, and students are at risk of falling through the gaps. AttendanceKit is a simple but powerful solution that helps you track remote attendance at scale and proactively support students.
100% Automated

Free teachers from taking attendance manually

Attendance is 100% automated based on students’ Zoom sign-ins. Empower your instructors with powerful data for identifying student risk, with no class time wasted.
Student attendance view with present, absent, tardy data
Students enrolled, present and other Zoom meeting attendance data

Achieve compliance with real-time, campus-wide data

Get a macro and micro-level view of attendance data at student, class & institution-level, so you can satisfy mandated attendance reporting requirements.
Predictive and Proactive

Identify and support at-risk students

Easily know if a student is at risk with a drill-down view of number of missed classes and late arrivals so you can extend targeted support.
A view of student risk, classes missed and tardy
Sakai, Moodle, D2L, Canvas, LTI, Blackboard LMS
Easily Extendable

Integrate with your LMS in minutes & scale up for every class

Deploy AttendanceKit for every class in your LMS with a single LTI install. Make it easy for instructors to review attendance data and take action to support students who need help.

Smart, secure features for instructors and admins

AttendanceKit includes out-of-the-box features and dashboards which can easily integrate with your LMS to give teachers and admins smart views of attendance data and insight into each and every class session.

School & class level dashboards

Attendance trend line

Present, absent & tardy reporting

Student was marked present

Excused absences
& exemptions

Absent and present icons

Auto-calculated participation grades

Auto grading feature

Student-specific attendance profiles

Student level data

Data exports
to .xls and .csv

Attendance data exporting

Simple plans for your school

AttendanceKit has you covered whether you need admin-level attendance data across your entire school, or want to level up student support for teachers.


  • Class-level dashboards
  • Student-specific attendance profiles
  • Absent & tardy reporting
  • Data exports to .xls and .csv
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  • Everything from Teacher access
  • School-level dashboards
  • Excused absences & exemptions
  • Auto-calculated participation grades
  • LMS integration via LTI
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About AttendanceKit

AttendanceKit is a product from Involvio, a global leader in student engagement software trusted by 1000+ institutions and 5M+ students. Involvio brings years of expertise and innovation to help schools support students in a changing environment.


How do I sign up for AttendanceKit?

Register for early access to AttendanceKit for Teachers here and be amongst the first to deploy it for your Zoom classroom.

Interested in AttendanceKit for your School? You can register for early access here and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

How much does AttendanceKit cost?

AttendanceKit for Teachers is absolutely free!

AttendanceKit for Schools is available on a paid plan. Contact us to choose a plan that’s right for your school.

How do I use AttendanceKit on my PC or Mac?

AttendanceKit for Zoom is web based, so you can use it on PC, Mac or mobile device. You can also download AttendanceKit via the Zoom App Marketplace.

Do I need the Teacher or School version?

AttendanceKit for Teachers is designed for a single teacher to simplify remote attendance and offers smart insights into student attendance at a class level.

AttendanceKit for Schools is designed to be deployed at scale within your institution for both Administrators and Teachers. AttendanceKit for Schools works in conjunction with your school’s Learning Management System (LMS), offering smart views of attendance data and insights into each and every class session.

How long does it take to set up AttendanceKit for Zoom?

Once you’ve signed up, setting up AttendanceKit for Zoom is easy! Our setup wizard will take you through all the steps to get started.

What Zoom account permissions do I need to use AttendanceKit?

All you need is a Zoom account (free or paid) to use AttendanceKit.