We’ve Fully Automated Zoom Attendance Tracking

Article by Ari Winkleman

Student attendance has long been an important metric to track their engagement and progress. It helps institutions and instructors identify absent or tardy students and offer support. It is also an indicator of potential risks affecting student retention.

Now that many institutions have transitioned to remote classes due to the pandemic, it has become infinitely more important to have a student attendance tracker, to keep tab on overall engagement.

Yet, “tracking student attendance under remote learning is a complicated mess,” wrote Blackwell, Fox, Grant, Gyimesi, Johnson, and Senese, graduates of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. While their essay is focussed on schools, the problem with attendance tracking applies to universities as well. Currently, most instructors are manually taking attendance on Zoom, wasting valuable time and energy, of students as well as their own.

Existing student attendance tracking solutions:

  • Use the Zoom chat feature to invite students to mark their attendance
  • Make instructors use alternative methods like daily assignments and pop quizzes to spot engagement trends
  • Use rudimentary software that asks professors to hold up QR codes which students scan with their phones so their attendance can be tracked
  • Sap instructor time in gathering attendance data and exporting it to spreadsheets for manual analysis

Clearly we can do better than this!

That’s why, at Involvio, we’ve built an entirely automated and intuitive solution that will make attendance-taking a breeze.

Introducing Attendance for Zoom

AttendanceKit is a 100% automated attendance solution designed specifically for Zoom. With AttendanceKit, you can:

  • Automatically track student attendance on Zoom and identify those who need special attention
  • Save hours of instructor and admin time, so they can focus on teaching, inspiring, and supporting students instead
  • Implement for a single class or scale across the entire college or university

These are not the only benefits though.

Achieve compliance with real-time, campus-wide data

Easily fulfil attendance-reporting requirements with AttendanceKit’s macro- and micro-level views of attendance data. You can also sort and filter this data at the student, class, and institution levels for maximum insights.

Identify and support at-risk students.

AttendanceKit lets you measure student attendance at the granular level: Easily get a full Zoom attendance report on the count of the number of absences and tardies, so you can personally reach out to them and offer support.

Integrate with your LMS in minutes.

Deploy AttendanceKit in your LMS with a quick and easy installation to make attendance data more wholesome. This includes Moodle, Sakai, D2L, Canvas, Blackboard and other LTI-compliant technology.

Get real-time status on intuitive dashboards.

Detailed dashboards give you a holistic view of attendance in a Zoom online classroom, across the institution, with class-level reports, student-specific profiles and so on. AttendanceKit automatically calculates participation points, saving you the trouble. It also accommodates excused absences and exemptions, so you can eliminate them while drawing insights.

If you’re more comfortable with spreadsheet reports, you can also export to .xls and .csv formats.

Attendance as a measure of educational attainment

In a study about the ‘determinants of university students’ attendance’, professors from Aston University, Birmingham, UK find that, “although some individual factors influence student attendance and are arguably out of the control of HEIs, it is possible for them to facilitate attendance through adjustments to aspects of degree delivery such as attendance policies and monitoring, timetabling and style of teaching.”

The radical change to online-led learning, forced by a global pandemic, is an opportunity to identify these aspects and enable better student engagement. And we believe that AttendanceKit will be a powerful tool in your student success strategies.

If you’re looking to explore AttendanceKit, sign up for Early Access for Schools here, and as an Instructor, here.