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Schools are kicked about using AttendanceKit for all their Zoom classes

It’s fully automated,
takes up zero instructor/admin time
School-level dashboards give a holistic view of engagement
Easy LMS & Zoom integration and super easy to scale
Gives every teacher access to data needed to support students
Easy to achieve compliance
& mandated attendance requirements
AttendanceKit is the much-needed next step in making remote work

Giving schools a view into missing & at-risk students

Since the onset of the pandemic, schools are reporting high absenteeism and truancy. This means we have hundreds of thousands of students who are not in class, and missing not just valuable learning opportunities but also community.

AttendanceKit is the answer to automating Zoom attendance at scale which schools have been asking us for.

  • Data that helps visualize attendance at every level
  • One-view at data trends that help identify risk
  • Know exactly which students are in need of support
  • Ability to take proactive action to help missing students
  • Empowers leadership to make data-driven decisons

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